Seattle Pride Hockey Association is exploring the possibility of forming four (or more!) LGBTQ+ and ally teams to play in an existing league – depending upon the overall geography of interested players.

The goal is two fold:

  1. Play with Purpose – select one nonprofit beneficiary each season.

  2. Quarterly re-draft – operate four (4) draft teams within a singular SPHA-run division.

We are targeting a summer season start (May 2024).


If we do form one or more teams, we are interested in going above & beyond, something we are calling “Play with Purpose”. 

What does this mean?

  • Prior to each season, SPHA and the team(s) will select one local nonprofit as a beneficiary.

  • During registration, all players, their family/friends and anyone who desires to, will have an opportunity to donate to the selected organization (though not required). 

  • SPHA and the team(s) will then present a check to the beneficiary organization, comprised of 100 percent of the proceeds raised.

  • Throughout the season, the team(s) will don a patch for that organization on their shoulders.

This practice is very similar to the partnership that the Seattle Kraken recently announced with the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe.

At the end of that season, the process would repeat for a new beneficiary organization.


Assuming we assembled a minimum of four (4) teams, we would create our own division within the most desired league. We would operate this division as re-draft – similar to other clubs/leagues, including 40+ Draft League, Seattle Women’s Hockey Club and the Women’s Division in Kraken Hockey League.

Each ‘season’ would resemble a calendar quarter. Prior to the start of each new season, teams would be re-drafted.

This format is more cost efficient, as players have the ability to opt-in or opt-out of seasons throughout the calendar year. For example, if you are someone who has a busy January and February, you can opt-out of that season, but opt back in for the next season. Also, the cost of each season is much smaller – reducing the burden of full, traditional seasons.

And, no need to purchase a jersey or socks – as those are supplied at the start of the season for use during that season!


  • Ages: 18+

  • Pre-requisite: Previous playing experience or completion of an adult learn to play program. USA Hockey + league-specific membership may be required.

  • Season calendar (rough estimate):
    All seasons to include approximately 16 total games.
    – Summer: May – August
    – Fall: September – January
    – Winter: January – April

  • Schedule & locations: 75-minutes; depends on which league is adopted.

  • Cost: To be determined but likely in the ~$500/season range + a seasonal deposit for jerseys, refunded upon return. Payment plans may be available with a deposit.

  • Division includes: jerseys, socks, referees and scorekeeper.

  • Required equipment/gear:
    – SPHA will supply a jersey & socks for the season, which must be returned at the end of each season.
    – Players supply their own equipment & gear (helmet, gloves, elbow, shoulder & shin pads, jock, hockey pants, hockey stick, skates, etc).



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