What we stand for (and on).

There are three pillars that hold up all the work we do. It’s our commitment to strive for excellence in all of these areas and we reflect upon these pillars to guide us in all our decision making.




Challenging homophobia and changing culture are just the start. We firmly believe acceptance can only be achieved when education is used to unlock understanding.


Hockey is often regarded as a historically cis-white-hyper-masculine sport. When other perspectives and experiences can be shared and challenged, we can all collectively grow through that learning.

Hockey is for everyone, and we’re one of countless organizations around the world working to make that a reality. On or off the ice, our mission comes to life when the LGBTQ community and allies can play, learn, practice, watch, and gather around hockey. More so, we recognize the importance and value of these opportunities. For many, it’s this is the first or only queer hockey space they’ve ever been a part of. By creating a welcoming space to enjoy a sport they love, we have a chance to truly affect peoples’ lives for the better—enabling them to enthusiastically embrace a sport they love for years and decades to come.

Our primary purpose is to create a safe space for all LGBTQ hockey players and fans. Hockey can be an intimidating sport to play and follow, especially for youth athletes or those who are just starting out. We believe in creating an environment where all feel comfortable – we cheer for each other, regardless of ability, and we reach out to one another in the spirit of making hockey better.


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