Nominations will occur as follows:
  • Every player may nominate one goaltender from any team, including their own. The two goaltenders — one from each conference — with the most nominations will be selected.
  • Every player will then nominate five skaters from their team or any other team in the tournament.
  • The top 26 skaters with the most nominations will be selected.
In the event of a tie in the number of nominations between two or more players (goaltenders or skaters, separately), a tie breaker will occur:
  • (1) Most goals allowed (for a goalie) and Most goals scored (for a skater); or
  • (2) Least penalty minutes (for a skater; skip to three for goaltender); or
  • (3) Coin toss with the players highest alphabetical last name taking heads and lowest alphabetical name taking tails.
    • Example: If one players’ last name is Jones and the other is Gurheart; Gurheart would take heads and Jones would take tails.


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