Nominations will occur as follows:

  • Every participant may nominate one (1) goaltender from any team, including their own. The top two (2) goaltenders with the highest nominations from each division (a total of six (6) goaltenders) will be selected.

  • Every participant will then nominate any combination of five (5) skaters from their team and/or any other team in the tournament, including oneself.

  • The top two (2) participants from each team, which is inclusive of goaltenders, will represent their team in the Alaska Airlines: All Stars of Pride game.


In the event of a tie in the number of nominations between two or more participants (goaltenders or skaters, separately), a tie breaker will occur:

  • (1) Most goals allowed (for a goalie) and most goals scored (for a skater); or

  • (2) Least penalty minutes (for a skater; skip to three for goaltender); or

  • (3) Coin toss with the participants highest alphabetical last name taking heads and lowest alphabetical name taking tails.

    • Example: If one participants’ last name is Jones and the other is Gurheart; Gurheart would take heads and Jones would take tails.


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