Tournament Committee

Tournament Planning Committee

To produce a premier tournament takes a tremendous amount of work. In addition to our amazing sponsors & supporters, Seattle Pride Hockey Association would like to thank the individual contributions of those who help curate such an amazing event and all the behind-the-scenes work that’s required to pull this whole thing off. We thank you.


Steven Thompson

Budgeting, registration, scheduling, team formation, jersey procurement, operations and logistics

Joey Gale

Sales, marketing, branding, social media, jersey design, and sponsorships

Steven Laing

Budget, printing, email communications, assets procurement, and signage

Alexis Haire

Website management and maintenance, signage, assets procurement and email communications

Randy Cote

Artistic design support, email/player communications review, printing, and signage

Gilbert Villalpando

Email/player communications review, website feedback

Colden Cullen

A very special THANK YOU to Colden Cullen for helping design and produce the All Stars of Pride jerseys. We can’t wait to reveal them!

Ian Johnson

A big shout out to Ian Johnson for helping design and construct not only our inaugural but our second tournament trophy.

Special Guest(s)

Andrew Ference

To be announced

Trinity Parker

Chief Marketing Officer, Symetra Financial Corporation

(Consolation/championship games only)


Doreen Fararr – Scorekeeper

Gavin Parker – Scorekeeper

Brie Stewart – Chief Referee

Michelle Lim – Referee

Tomas Blum – Referee

RJ Copeland – Referee


Everett “Fitz” Fitzhugh – Play by Play Announcer

(Consolation/Championships only)

To be announced – Play by Play Announcer

(Consolation/Championships only)